Changing touch IC of iPhone 13 mini- RJ INCELL LCD Replacement

As we all know, to solve the “non genuine display” notification problem, you need to put the touch IC of the original screen to a new replacement screen. There are also many aftermarket quality screens in the market that can be directly used to transplant the original IC, such as RJ INCELL, JK INCELL, ZY INCELL, etc. . However, due to the characteristics of some iPhone screens like iPhone 13 mini, the screen touch IC transplantation methods are somewhat different, and other components are required to make the transplanted IC function normally.

Here is the instrouctions below – Take iPhone 13 mini RJ incell screen as example

1.Confirm that the display MCU software supports the replacement of the original IC.

2.Remove the original IC from the original screen and clean it, tin the feet to ensure that the tin surface is flat.

3.Tin the small row of wires.

4.Solder the IC removed from the original screen to the small row of wires. Pay attention to the direction of the IC (as shown in the figure). Welded focus on checking whether the foot of the red box has a short circuit phenomenon, if the short circuit means that the IC welding is bad.

5. The display test point is tinned.

6. Position the small row of wires with the original IC soldered to the display. The 8 holes of the small row of wires overlap the 8 test points of the screen row of wires.

7. Solder with soldering iron. Check the feet for short circuit.

8. Test on the mobile phone. Restart the mobile phone if still pop-up window prompts non-original, please check the software or welding situation.

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