Do you know how many kinds of iPhone LCD screen qualities in the market?

Do you know how to get an original iPhone LCD screens for your phone? If you are doing repair or wholesale LCD screen business, what other alternatives available except original screens? There have some other cost more effective qualites below:

1. Brand new full original screen (the screen that comes out of the market from the original factory through special channels, like foxconn)

2. Original pulled (remove the screen  from the original phone)

3. Original changed glass (original parts assembled except glass)

4. original refurbished flex cable (the original LCD, but the flex cable get repaired)

5. aftermarket screens (screens assembled by other cheaper materials), like TFT, incell, hard oled and soft oled.


  • Brand New and Original pulled

    The difference between the brand new and original pulled screen is that one has not been installed in the factory and the other has been installed. The appearance of the disassembled screen is not like a new one. Full new screen, small scratches screen, large scratches screen. (Defined by Surface Scratch )

    • Original changed glass

    The original changed glass screen is a screen with a new cover and backlight bracket after the original screen exploded. Its LCD is original, and the display touch effect is the same as the original one. There is no problem with installation and use. (Hot pressing brackets are prone to degumming, and now generally use integrated brackets, that is, cold glue brackets)

    • Original refurbished flex cable

    Due to touch problems and other problems, the screen was re-dismantled and the screen was made by pressing the flex cable and attaching the cover plate to install the backlight. The screen resolution is still the same as the original one. The most common problem is that the screen will jump randomly after installation, like ghost touch. An unstable situation occurs, or the screen is stuck (the touch doesn’t work suddenly , you need to turn off the screen and then turn it on again to return to normal)

    • After market quality screen(TFT, Incell, hard oled and soft oled)

    Aftermarket assembly LCD screen is not made by original materials, and the resolution will be somewhat different from the original one. Generally, the resolution is low and the color performance is poor. The whole lamination process is similar to the pressing flex cable screen. The only difference is that the domestic screen needs to be bonded to the IC when pressing flex cable. However, the screens refurbished flex cable quality generally have good original IC, so this process is not required. The most frequent problems are that the touch will jump randomly after installation, the screen will freeze, and the machine will not turn on. In addition, some of the aftermaket assembly LCD screen is made of oncell technology, the screen will be thicker than the original screen when it is laminated, and a part of the screen will protrude when installed.