how does the color looks like in differet iPhone screen

How to distinguish iPhone LCD and OLED screen?

I believe that there must be customers who are in the mobile phone screen business have received LCD screens pretending to be OLED screens, because of the attractive low price. The quality of OLED screens is used as a gimmick, because they think the customers cannot tell the difference, thereby they can earn high profits. Many customers don’t know how to distinguish, leading to being cheated. The price difference between the two is very large. Today’s post will tell you how to distinguish.

The main content of this article is to teach you how to distinguish the LCD screen and OLED screen of mobile phones.

1.The first way is to distinguish by the brightness of the screen.

The brightness of the OLED on the left side of the picture is significantly higher than that of the LCD screen. LCD screens cannot reach the brightness of OLED screens.

2.The second way is to distinguish between the display effect on the black interface.

Adjust the brightness to the highest level and turn off the light, and check the display effect under the pure black interface. The OLED screen is pure black, and the LCD screen is gray. This is obvious, because the LCD screen has a backlight. Under the black interface, the backlight needs to provide continuous light source, so it is not a pure black interface. The OLED screen is a self-luminous body. On the black interface, each pixel displays black, so it is a pure black interface.

3.The third method is to determine whether there is a screen flash.

Adjust the brightness of the screen to the lowest level, turn on another mobile phone camera to shoot in slow motion, and it must be in slow motion mode. Then it can be clearly seen that the OLED screen will have black stripes moving, and the LCD screen will not change. This is an obvious difference.

4.The forth method is to check the backlight to distinguish whether it is an OLED screen.

The LCD screen has backlight, so if you look inside from the position of the camera, there will be a white layer. There will also be some white spots on the back of the screen, which is the backlight bracket of the screen.

The OLED screen has no backlight at the same position, which is the same as the original one.

Now, can you distinguish the OLED screen and LCD screens? If you still have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

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