iOS 17.4 Updates, Battery Replacement Face New Challenges

On February 20th, Apple released the fourth beta update for iOS 17.4

After upgrading the iPhone 15 series to iOS 17.4 Beta 4, the most intuitive feature was the battery settings interface, where the original “Battery Health and Charging” was split into two options: “Battery Health” and “Charging Optimization”.

This change is exclusive to iPhone 15 series models and more battery related status information can be viewed in the “Battery Health” option.

In addition to the original battery health and maximum capacity, iPhone 15 series models can also check the battery cycle count, production date, and first use time.

Among them, information such as the “production date” and “first use” of the battery, which were previously located in the “Settings” – “About the Machine” section, are now officially included in the battery settings option, making it more clear at a glance.

But after this update, we will once again face the issue of battery health percentage after battery replacement.

A. Battery health shows old data, but check by using Shortcuts of iPhone – check battery life, actual capacity and 100% will be seen.

B. Battery health shows old data, but check by using Application “3uTools”, actual capacity and 100% can be seen.

C. By Flashing the iPhone system with Apllication “3uTools”, battery health shows 100%. (The iPhone data will be cleared, need to backup the data before flashing )