What are you expecting for iPhone 15 Series phones?

The iphone 15 series will be released in September, and this time it will also bring four models, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Ultra. What kind of surprises will Apple bring us this time?
So what changes are coming to the iphone 15 series phones?
  • 3x telephoto upgraded to 5x optical periscope. The body is a little thicker than the 14 Pro series in order to put in the periscope module.
  • The screen bezel is narrower,curved edge display
  • The interface is changed to USBC, which provides very fast charging speed and data transfer speed.
  • The mute paddle is changed to Action button, which combines short press, long press and continuous press for mute switching, mode switching, and camera video snapshot operation.
  • The material changes of back housing, stainless steel to titanium alloy, reduce the weight of a few grams.
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