iPhone Soft OLED Display, a New Trend of Aftermarket?

More and more factories began to invest in the research and development of the iPhone SOFT OLED dispplay, the earliest to put into research and development of the factory last year has been put on sale some iPhone SOFT OLED models LCD display for market testing, like iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 14 pro an so on. Until now, more models have been put into the market. like iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series Soft OLED display.

How does iPhone SOFT OELD screens looks like, why is better than hard OLED?

It is obvious that the manufacturing materials and technology are completely different, which also leads to SOFT OLED screens being more flexible. Not easily get damaged when the screen falls or is squeezed, and closer to the original display.

Why are these new models not receiving good reviews and feedback?

If you are paying attention to the market you should know that the early feedback of these SOFT OLED screens is not good.

In the early stage, factories do not conduct mass production until the quality stabilizes. They will produce a portion and sell it to the market, and maintenance technicians will try to install it and discover the problem. Are there any compatibility issues or software/hardware issues, receving feedbacks and improve the quality. So the defect rate is really high at the beginning.

Customer feedback during the initial release period is often not very satisfactory. But this is also a process that must be experienced in the development process.

Now, will you try a iPhone SOFT OLED screen because of cheaper price?

Currently,there aren’t many alternatives quality for those newest models. Comparing with original iPhone screen, the price of Soft OLED is much cheaper. As more and more factories start producing SOFT OLED screens, we believe that competition will become increasingly fierce and prices will also become cheaper. So, I believe iPhone SOFT OLED display is more cost-effective than iPhone Hard OLED display in the aftermarket. What do you think?

iPhone SOFT OLED displays that have already been released for a few months.

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