Market News — Aftermaket Quality LCD Screens Prices Will Increase!

If you are looking for mobile phone LCD screens, if you are doing wholesale mobile phone parts business, if you are running few repair shops in your country, if you are buying mobile phone parts from China. Please pay attention!

You know the prices of all series mobile phone parts, including iPhone srcreens and Android screens, like Samsung Huawei Xiaomi Moto Oppo Vivo LCD screens and parts, no matter original or aftermarket spare parts, has been decreased since the last. The main reason is that the supply exceeds demand, another reason is the global economy is not doing well. And the price of IC which is one of the most important part of LCD screen has keep decreased. All of the reasons above lead to the price of mobile phone parts keep decreasing. In order to sell the stock, some factories even sell the screens in a crazy prices, lower than their production costs. And with that, a lot of factories closed down.

But In the next months, the prices of all series mobile phone LCD screens and spare parts will keep increasing. Because now the production costs of some models has increased 1-3 RMB. Furthermore, A shortage of screen chips may prevent certain models from being produced, leading to a shortage in the market. Then original screens will be alternative, but with that the price of original parts will increase becasue of demand exceeds supply.

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