Remove iPhone screen IC

Replace touch IC to solve “non genuine display” warning and “important message”problem

iPhone LCD screen repair experience.

If you are doing iPhone refurbished business, you have to know how to avoid this problem.

This is a common method at present, and the operation steps are as follows:

  • Using a professional data reading and writing machine, first read the original screen data, and then write it into the new screen. After that, we will install the screen and test it by computer, the data read by the computer is all green, but the problem can not be solved until now.
  • To transplant the chip, remove the original touch IC with a heat gun. It is recommended not to use a heat gun to remove the chip on the cheap quality screen, because the cable is too fragile, you can use a grinder to polish off the touch encryption chip. Pay attention to control the grinding force!

Note: If the solder joints are not handled cleanly, it will cause screen touch failure and other problems that will cause the screen to not work properly. Therefore, when cleaning the solder joints, it must be clear to increase the success rate of IC replacement.

  • Install the original touch IC to the new screen, and then there will be no warning and important message in settings.

Note: When replacing the screen of the iPhone 13, this touch IC is particularly important. It will not only lead to loss of ture tone color, face ID and touch failed. Be careful when operating

In order to make operations easier, you can purchase the screens without touch IC from

iPhone LCD screen without touch IC, which can install original IC directly.