iphone 11 OEM screen with package

RJ Incell Screens testing-iPhone 11

What is RJ incell screen? RJ INCELL screens are a type of LCD screen that use In-cell technology. This technology combines the LCD and digitizer in one single unit, which makes the screen thinner than a regular LCD and provides a high sensitivity and smooth screen operation.

Why RJ incell screen is very popular in aftermarket quality market and refurbished phone LCD replacement market? Becuase the display effect is more close to original display in INCELL Bracket. So the customers are willing to pay for it as the cheap prices. Especially for those cheap models. Like iPhone XR and 11, with constant updates and upgrades, the drawbacks of the INCELL screen have been shrinking as well.

What do you think of RJ incell screens comparing with JK Incell and ZY incell?

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