check iPhone LCD screen quality

Some mobile phone LCD industry secrets you never know!

How to find a reliable iPhone LCD screen supplier?

There have more than 1000 mobile phone LCD screens manufacturer in China, including large factory and small workshop. If you visited Shenzhen Huaqiangbei before, you should know there have a lot of shops in several buildings which only sell mobile phone LCD screens and spare parts. Like iPhone screen, Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi/Moto, you can get almost all the spare parts from there. But there is no a quality standard to restrict those sellers. Caused the market is very chaos.

GX oled screen, JK incell screen, ZY incell screen, JK incell, iPhone LCD screen brands

If you already have been done this business for years, and you have rich purchase experience from China. Let’s take iPhone screen supplier as example, you should hear about RJ screen, JK screen, ZY screen, Imisu screen, JH screen, GX OLED screen. These are well-recognized brands by a lot of buyers. But even for these popular brands which I mentioned above, there have different quality grade. Most common grade A, grade B, grade C. But only grade A is quality screen without abvious problem. There have huge price difference among different grade qualities, let’s take RJ incell as example.

RJ X incell A grade: $14
RJ X incell B grade: $11.42
RJ X incell C grade: $10

Grade A is generally black and white gray interface without any dust spots, bright spots.
Grade B is generally white with small dust spots or bright spots on the interface
Grade C is generally black with a small crush on the interface.

iPhone screen with black dot
iphone screen with white pixel

All screens produced by factories will have defective screens, and they will be classified into the A,B,C grades for sale in the market.

That’s the reason why we will check black, white, gray interface when we do testing process, to make sure the screens we supply are grade A. So please figure out what grade quality you get when you are buying.

Bisides, there also have supplier use cheap incell or TFT screens replace GX OLED screen, put incell or TFT screens into GX pacakge to sell a high price to get profits. Please be aware of it when you are purchasing.

In next posts, I will teach you how to recognize the difference between OLED and TFT screens.