The Difference of Mobile Phone Screen COG, COF, COP Process

Objectively speaking, COG, COF, COP is the current screen display driver chip of the three different packaging technologies, the three main applications are to achieve the mobile phone on its screen (LCD, OLED) drive control.

COG = Chip On Glass 

It is the mobile phone screen display driver IC (Display Driver IC, DDIC) directly bonded links in the glass-based rigid glass substrate, and then linked by the FPCB to the rest of the mobile phone PCB or components. Usually used for rigid displays, such as LCD

COF = Chip On Film

It is the indirect bonding of a DDIC to a flexible plastic substrate (Plastic Substrate) by means of an Adhesive Thin Film to realise a flexible display (OLED).

COP = Chip On Plastic

It is the fixing of a DDIC directly onto a flexible plastic substrate.

The flexible nature of COF and COP enables the design of screens with narrower side areas (bezels). This results in a relatively large screen-to-body ratio, allowing for a “bezel-less” or “full-screen display”. In order to cater for the curved and flexible nature of OLED flexible screens, the packaging of DDIC chips must also be based on flexible materials. This is why COF and COP technologies must be applied. In contrast, rigid DDIC chip packages based on COG cannot be folded or bent. For example, the iPhone 7 screen is based on COG LCD; iPhone X and up models use OLED screen based on COF.

COF and COP are both used for flexible screen OLED packaging, the difference between the two is the indirect and direct link of DDIC . In fact, the DDIC of COF is linked to the screen and the FPCB of the main board by bonding the film, which shows that COF is not as flexible as COP. In COP, DDIC is directly fixed on the flexible plastic substrate of COP to form a whole, so that the flexible plastic substrate of COP can be formed without physical limitations in the edge area of mobile phones or TVs to form a curved (Edge Curved), which further reduces the bezel to achieve the effect of nearly no bezel.COP is currently widely used in mobile phones and other display screens.

About aftermarket screen: COG Packaging Process is mainly used in INCELL screen, part of the high-end INCELL quality screen also uses COF Packaging Process, but most of the Hard OLED quality are using COF Packaging Process. COP Packaging Process is more used in the production of SOFT OLED screen. Because different Packaging Process technologies correspond to different production costs, the quality and price deviation will come out.

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