The thickness difference between OLED and INCELL of iPhone 13 Pro Max and 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro have been released for over two years. iPhone 13 pro Max and iPhone 13 pro aftermarket quality screens had pubulished in last month. Both OLED and INCELL quality are availiable in the market. Let’s see how it’s preformance.

iPhone 13 Pro max Hard OLED display testing video

iPhone 13 Pro soft OLED LCD screen testing video

The other biggest concern, that has to be the screen thickness. Let’s see how the iphones look like after installation. As we know the thickness of iPhone 13 Pro max and 13 Pro with original display are 7.65mm.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Hard OLED screen – The thcikness is around 7.72mm

iPhone 13 Pro Soft OLED Screen – The thcikness is around 7.60 mm

13 Pro Max INCELL LCD – The thcikness is around 8.25 mm

13 Pro INCELL screen – The thcikness is around 8.85 mm

From the testing result above, the iPhone 13 pro soft OLED screen is even thinner than original display. iPhone 13 Pro max INCELL LCD replacement and hard OLED screen replacement is almost perfect installtion. But iPhone 13 Pro INCELL LCD replacement is not that perfect. After installing the screen, a portion of the frame will protrude. So the best choice is soft OLED if don’t consider the price.

According to the information we get from the factory, the iPhone 13 pro and pro max has 5G signal problem, it may lead to screen frozen if 5G signal get changed. So the factory has recall all the screens and reprogramme the data of the screen.

Let’s wait for the issue to be resolved and the screens to start mass production.

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