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We highly recommend XK iPhone FHD INCELL LCD display if you are looking for Premium iPhone Screen which cost more effective if you take quality as frist consideration. Here are the reasons below:

Among INCELL quality iPhone LCD screens, there have HD, HD+ and FHD INCELL. What does these mean? This means that when you watch the same movie or image, the clarity displayed on the screen is different. FHD INCELL, the image is still very clear and detailed. It’s more close to original display experience. The price comparison: FHD>HD+>HD, HD is the cheapest quality among INCELL.

iPhone high solution incell screen

Another reason affect the quality is the technology used in the screen, these have two main technology used in iPhone incell display. COG process and COF process, compare with COF process, COG process LCD screen is thicker. Have you ever bought iPhone LCD which has “bigger notch”? This is the biggest flaw of COG screens. The black edge of a COG screen is also larger than that of a COF screen. So the costs of COG process screen is much cheaper than COF process screen.

Besides, the other reaons are the materials used in iPhone LCD. Esepcially for LCD glass, there have different supplier, like Tianma, Huaxin, Qunchuang, etc LCD Glass factory. So there always come with reasons if you get a cheap price. For example iPhone X HD+ INCELL and FHD INCELL, the price different is about $4 difference. HD+INCELL around $7, but FHD INCELL around $11 (Different LCD glass has different color in black)

What we did for XK FHD INCELL iPhone display?

  • Its high performance because FHD High Reslution. 460 ppi and resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels
  • iPhone 11-12pro max models without IC the “non-genuine display” problem can be solved if change to original touch IC. iPhone 13 series and 14 series can also support transpant original touch IC with a cable support.
  • True color 1:1 like original quality, support True Tone recovery. FACE ID and 3D touch works well.
  • (3M ESR)Enhanced Specular Reflector Backlight, high brightness and full 360° version

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iPhone LCD withtout IC, solve non-genuine screen message
iPhone TDDI incell screen

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