Which brand is the most cost-effective iPhone INCELL screen in aftermarket? Your answer is?

In iPhone screen aftermarekt, there have TFT, INCELL, OLED, OEM and Original quality available. Among the iPhone LCD replacements, the INCELL screen has always been the most popular and best-selling quality in the mobile phone repair market. Anyway, iPhone INCELL screen is not the best quality among aftermarket, but it is the most cost-effective. Compared with OLED, OEM and even original screens, the price is several times cheaper.

I believe that you have used iPhone incell mobile phone screens produced by many brands or factories. But common iPhone incell screen brands above X models include JK, ZY, IMISU, RJ, SL, ME, Wode and other brands independently named by trading companies or small factories. Which of these iPhone incell screens have you experienced? Which one do you think is closer to the original? My answer is RJ Incell screen, RJ is the king of cost-effective iPhone INCELL screen.

Why? Several obvious features and advantages has listed below:

  • Wide color gamut (NTSC100%), super high brightness 720nits, high saturation 1080P resolution
  • 56-channel TDDI touch screen, highly sensitive and precise, easy to deal with large games,
  • INCELL-COF structure, no grid lines, ultra-thin narrow edge perfect installation
  • Dual compensation 170° ultra-wide viewing angle, black interface comparable to the original.
  • Sunglasses 360° do not change color and do not darken
  • Perfect after-sales service, the display-normal screen can be replaced touch glass directly.

What is the display effect of the RJ screen in different environments?

  • In the darkest environment (Left: RJ INCELL screen Right: other brand )
  • In the brightest setting (Left: RJ INCELL screen Right: other brand )
  • In the display interface (Left: RJ INCELL screen Right: other brand )

How do you think?You can contact us to share your feedback if you already tested different brands INCELL quality.

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Whatever, there have more opttions in iPhone LCD screen replacements. But INCELL is always not a bad choice. Next Posts, I will share you the best iPhone OLED quality among different brands in iPhone aftermarket. What’s the answer in your heart?