Why iPhone LCD Screen aftermaket quality looks gray?

Do you know what makes the LCD look gray? You can check the picture below, all of them are aftermarket quality LCD screens, they are FHD INCELL display. But it looks different If it’s a black screen interface.

  1. The left screen looks the black color is very pure, seems the black color is very same with the notch of the screen.
  2. The middle screens looks a little gray compare with the other two screens. If you are the buyer, do you like this screen?
  3. The right screen looks better than the middle screen. But the black color is not as dark as the left one.

What is the exact reason make the LCD screen looks different? We already told you guys all of them are aftermarket quality LCD screens, FHD INCELL display. The display effect are very well.

The main reason is the different materials used for the LCD glass. The Left screen used JDI LCD glass, it’s the original LCD glass. The Middle screen is ASI LCD glass. You must have heard of ASI INCELL screens (ZY ASI INCELL DISPLAY), right? The right screen used Qun Chuang LCD glass, Qun Chuang is a Chinese LCD glass factory which focus on TFT-LCD glass production and supply.

Remember, Cheaper price always come with a reason. Especially for INCELL Screens, the market is very chaos. A lot of customers purchase HD INCELL screens becasue of the cheap price, but the experience isn’t as good as an FHD screen.

Don’t consider the materials, The INCELL quality ordering looks like this, COF FHD INCELL > COG FHD INCELL> HD INCELL (COG), so does the price. HD INCELL is the cheapest.

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