Why is the same incell quality for iPhone LCD screen, but the prices of various factories are very different.

Even in incell quality LCD screen, there have different grade qualities.

Iphone incell quality screens are well recognized and accepted in the aftermarket aftermarket. Because of its extremely high cost performance, the price is cheap, but the quality is also acceptable. Especially for customers who do wholesale and retail.

If you have been importing incell screens in China for a long time, if you try to get to know several factories or suppliers, you will find that each supplier sells incell quality, but their prices are not the same. Why is there such a big price difference even for the same quality. For example, take the XR incell screen as an example, according to the current price, it ranges from 70-100RMB. Reached a high percentage of price fluctuations.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The reason why the price difference is large is because the quality of the product does vary. Incell is just a process widely used in screen production, not a term used to distinguish high quality from low quality. Therefore, the difference in the use of raw materials will lead to price differences.

As a buyer, you need to know these points to distinguish the quality from the bad.

1. Screen resolution, that is, the clarity of the screen. Incell HD screen, that is, the screen resolution is 1280*720, which is what we often call 720P. Incell FHD screen, the screen resolution is 1920*1080, corresponding to 1080P. Therefore, there will be a certain difference in the resolution of the screen display. Especially when playing the same video, there will be obvious differences.

2. The color and brightness of the screen are mainly the liquid crystal glass and the backlight, especially the backlight. If the ordinary film is used in the later stage, the high-gloss film or the silver-backed film will have a greater impact on the display of the screen.

3. Screen touch, apart from the material of the glass itself, which affects the functionality of the screen touch, it is its software information. The touch stability of incell glass with the same quality is related to the quality of the glass and software information.

4. Screen production scheme, there are two common screen production schemes in the market, COG and COF. They have their own advantages. The COF screen has a larger screen ratio and the screen display is closer to the original one. However, the screen is easily damaged and the price is high. The COG screen has a lower defect rate, low price and relatively stable quality.